Sunday 24/3

Sunday 24/3


Soups: Lentil soup- Mushroom Soup

Salads: Fattoush – Maa’li Salad (Fried Potato, Fried Eggplant)

Appetizers: Hummus – Baba Ghanouj – Fried Kibbeh – Sambousek – Meat Burak – Grilled Kibbeh – Yalanjee – Muhammara – Green Beans With Olive Oil

Daily coarses: Half Lamb with Mandi

Main coarses: Hummus Fatteh With Samneh & Meat- Charcoal Grilled Chicken – Kabab With Tomato Sauce- Yabrak with Meat – Kibbeh Labaneah – Fettuccine Fantasia